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The Mass Wedding

The Mass Wedding (Part II)   My suit still fits, and I have tie, white shirt and some shoes, so I am all set, well I have been for months I suppose. Now Rose, on the other hand, is about … Continue reading

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My life with an Arsonist!

My life with an Arsonist   Rose, my dear wife, as some as you already know, does have a propensity towards accidentally burning things… well I think its accidentally anyway.   Her first encounter (that I am aware of!) was … Continue reading

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A Survivors Guide to China.

A Survivors Guide to China. Or (Accidents, Mishaps and Other Misadventures)   This will chronicle my misadventures since arriving here in sunny China.   My first Mishap was just over a month after my arrival in this fair town of … Continue reading

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 The Wedding   Yes, I am aware that we are already married, but here in china, marriage and wedding are two different things, I expect some in the UK would like that idea also!   Here the marriage is the … Continue reading

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Yang Shu (My first Chinese Trip)

Yang Shu – My first trip.   This was my first Chinese trip, Rose arranged it via a local travel agent and we flew from Shenzhen (it’s pronounced ShenJen) airport, which is a very modern affair, no international flights as … Continue reading

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Chinese Driving Test

A Chinese Driving Licence   Here is a little saga about obtaining a driving licence in China. The first impression is that they don’t want you to have one!   I completed all the paperwork (or rather Rose did, as … Continue reading

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