An Alien lands in China!

Meeting with an Alien!


Ok, so I am an alien too. We set off to Louhu border crossing that gets us into Hong Kong, in order for us to travel to the airport to pick up Jules my friend from Kent in the UK. We arrive in good  time at the border, our plan is to go to Hong Kong first have a shop round and then go to the airport to meet Jules at around 5.30ish, depending on the traffic.


A the border we line up for the exit routine from china, there are two borders to go through, one for China and one for Hong Kong. Anyway, I get from the end of this queue of around 20 people to the front when suddenly Rose runs up to me and say “I can’t get in, my bloody pass has expired”.


I then leave the queue to find out what’s going on, as we believed that her pass was still good, but. Rose had not checked her pass correctly or she would have found out that the rules had changed and her last pass was only for one visit not the 3 months multi entry she normally gets, what she should have got was a yearly pass, so now what to do. Well, we still had to meet Jules as she is a tad clueless at times. So there was no other way but for Rose to go home and for me to venture into Hong Kong ‘on my own’…….


This turned out to be no real problem, one stop on the train and then a bus straight to the airport. As expected, Jules was the last one out. And we then made the trip back to Shenzhen in reverse order of arrival.


We had booked a local hotel only 5mins walk from the flat which was brand new and let Jules settle for 5 mins.


I think she enjoyed the visit, it was certainly a little different from her normal week in the UK, she only stayed from the 1st till the 5th, and in that time she had a few Chinese family meals, a trip to the Window on the World theme park and a couple of days at the local seaside resort, where at least she managed to slow down a little and relax in the sea and on the sands. I noticed some sideways looks on occasion when the Chinese speciality food was presented to her, and when the Chinese women, who love to be mothers, tried to feed her with everything that was on the table.


We took her a different way back by way of Sheku, which is a port on the China side of the water that separates us from Hong Kong, here you can book directly onto the airline and let your baggage go its merry way till you meet it again at the destination. This way involved a ferry ride across the water to the airport which I thought she would like better than the train and bus trip. And that was the end of the alien visit.

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