Driving Test part 2

A Chinese Driving Licence (part 2)


The day finally came on the 15th of October and I went for the test again, we got a little lost on the way, but that’s normal for Rose and her female companions when travelling round the city. This time we managed a respectable 97% between us so after the test we go to another building to the 2nd floor (1st floor for UK listeners!) and get a ‘deli’ ticket for number 1418, the numbers are only on 1353 when we arrive so we end up with a slight wait….. and wait….  For about 45 minutes all told.


Ah the number comes up, off we trot to the counter number 8 indicated only to be told….


We didn’t have to wait we should have gone to the counter at the end where there was NO QUEUE!! Well, such is life, at this new counter we get dealt with in 2 minutes then are sent to the special China Mail counter at the end of the room, there we hand over various bits of pink an white paper to get the obligatory Chinese red stamp on it. Once you’ve been here a while you notice that EVERYTHING paper, HAS to have a stamp on it of some sort or nothing happens!!!!


After a week the mailman wakes me up (yes I know its 9.30 but I DON’T work!)  anyway, he has a UPS type cardboard envelope in his hands and I think ah yes, the licence, but for some reason he wont give it to me, he asks me something, but I have no idea what.. so now what. I know, I will ring Rose, I get Rose to ask the man what he wants (via the phone) and finally find out that he needs a little pink (stamped) receipt we got from the China post man at the test centre. All is revealed and at last I have an indecipherable piece of plastic in my hand with my photo on it that is the Chinese driving licence, which lasts for 6 years.. Oh no! I don’t have to do all that again do I ?

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