The train still standing on platform 1….

“The Train Still Standing on Platform 1….”

Last week we attempted to take a rail trip to the provincial capital of Guangzhou, we got up nice and early (well for me a anyway), and took the No 17 bus to the rail station.

We got in line for the tickets, amid the usual Chinese push and shove method.

We then went to the barrier and waited to be let on the platform, In china your not allowed on the platform till about 10mins before your train is due to leave.

We watched the information board, that told us that the train before ours had just departed, and then we stood and waited, and waited, about 5 minutes before our train was due in, the whole of the information board decided to go a nice red colour, I enquired of Rose, “What was that all about?”, and got the reply, “Its all delayed!”

There was no delay time on the board for our train, but the ones following showed 30 minutes delay time and with progressing other times further down the board. Well, by this time quite a crowd had gathered, we were now ¾ of an hour over our departure time and the departure area was now rapidly filling up.

Some impatient souls were pushing to the front waving their tickets, protesting as they went, but to no avail, it was apparent that the station staff had no idea why the delays had occurred.

After about another 10 minutes we got the news that no trains were going to leave before midday, so we decided to leave and after threading our way through the ‘happy’ throng, we managed to return to the ticket counter and get our money back.

We spent the rest of the day in Shenzhen, having a little nose round places we hadn’t been to much.

I discovered later that no trains left Shenzhen for at least another day, this had been due to some massive flooding that occurred to the north of the province, a number of towns were affected including the rail system, and a number of lives had been lost.

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