The Devil Driver

The Devil Driver

Last night we, again, got invited out for dinner, this time at a place called Coco Park, it’s a new shopping mall, with quite a few restaurants. The one we went to was called Supersteak, which specialises, as you might have guessed, in, yes, steaks, real ones.

Anyway, after the meal we made our way to leave the restaurant and happened to pass by an area they have set aside for Sony Play station video games there are about 10 of them in a row. And it just happened that the only free one had a driving game on it. Well, I said to Rose, “You best do a bit of practice here to improve your skills”. So she stopped and started to play, well, she got a little hooked, unfortunately she still cant drive, even on a computer, the game (I don’t know what it was called), called for two cars to race through a city in the states, well, in no time at all this city had no standing road signs, streetlamps or walls, total devastation! She stayed on for nearly an hour with little improvement in the carnage.

With Rose always asking, why I don’t let her drive too often, I just said that I rest my case. To be fair she isn’t that bad, just a little scary and still hasn’t, as yet, managed to work out which way the car goes when you turn the steering wheel. That’s just a little minor thing, right?

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