Credit Transfusion

Credit Transfusion

Yesterday I met Rose from work at the bus stop across the road from the apartment building, and we took a walk to (or so I thought) to Dongmen, which is a local shopping Mecca area.

On the way we met a friend of Rose who waylaid us and we ended up walking in the opposite direction. When I asked why, Rose said, “I’m going to get a credit card”, my reaction to this was “Why, you already have one?” I got no sensible reply as is normal. Anyway, we walked about a km down this backstreet and ended up at …… a hospital! The two of them trot inside, so intrigued, I followed. Sitting at a makeshift desk, was this woman touting for credit card customers. I find out afterwards that the ‘friend’, is the person running the tout who is after making as many sales as possible; Rose got herself 3 gifts instead of one and a new credit card. She did say for me to get one, but I already knew that there was no way that they would give me one, owing to the fact that I have no income as far as China is concerned, not that I even wanted one in the first place.

We did manage to eventually get to the shopping area for a back to normal evening. One place we visited was a cloth sales area, and this place was enormous, I would imagine they supply cloth to the world from there.

Today, we went to a factory shop the other side of town, where Rose managed to find an excuse to use the new card. The journey to the shop was a little fraught for me, due to Rose’s limited sense of direction, unfortunately I have to rely on her to read road names and directions, some (but not many) are in English, but mostly they are Chinese, and I usually get told about a turn off either when I am right next to it in the wrong lane, or just after I go past it. In her Chinese driver logic, on a motorway, she pleads for me to turn round!!! Or even worse to reverse!! I of course ignore that type of request, and carry on to the next turning. I must point out that we have sat nav, but, this she does not trust. It is also in Chinese, so I can’t understand the directions anyway, which leaves me to rely on my good wife for most directions to areas that I don’t know. Her other favourite is, when there is a turn off the main road, I turn to go, as directed and she changes her mind. Or we have to stop on the turning till she decides. Not my favourite manoeuvre.

We at least, so far are accident free, which is basically a miracle.

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