Water and Electricity

Water and Electricity don’t mix!

Today, as part of the building maintenance programme, we had the outside walls washed with high pressure hoses, wielded by little men hanging from ropes outside the building. Remember this is a 32 story building, and they just hang from a rope sling, health and safety doesn’t play much of a part in this country… yet, they have all the slogans but little of the action.

I was sitting here on the computer, Rose was next door teaching some kids, when I heard a sort of sloshing sound then suddenly all the electrics went off, I then noticed water pouring out of the air conditioner in the room I’m sitting in, the air conditioner is situated just above the computer!

The Rose came in saying there was water coming from the air conditioner in the main room, this one is over the TV and most of our Hi-Fi systems. It was lucky that the power had already tripped off. I then went to the kitchen, and the little man was outside and the hose belted its contents onto the kitchen window, which isn’t that waterproof, and we had water down the walls, and on the electrics of the water heater, I guess this was the main one to trip the electrics.

The main room air conditioner as it goes, just happened to be a coincidence, as its not on an outside wall, Rose apparently says she had it turned on wrong, so it was dripping water on its own and not as a result of the outside influences, either that or it will turn out to be faulty, we will soon see.

She called our maintenance men who quickly arrived to see what was going on, not that they could do a lot as they weren’t the ones sloshing the water everywhere. I don’t expect that we are the only casualties of the enforced blackout.

Gradually the little outside men moved away from our vicinity to inflict chaos on the rest of our neighbours.

We waited half an hour and then restored the power, it came on ok, with no explosions or injuries to anyone (for a change). We haven’t restored the TV yet, with water dripping directly on it from the conditioner, were waiting to make sure it’s dried out before trying it again

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