A Quite Stroll in the Park

A Quiet Stroll in the Park

Today we decided on a long walk, our nearest park is about a couple of miles away along traffic filled roads and under a flyover.

We got there and purchased a drink for the park stroll, it was then that I noticed that it was a little noisier than usual.

We left the drinks shop and headed to the park entrance only to find it being dug up with road drills etc. dust and crap everywhere.


We made it past the first hurdle, next the park attendants were watering the greenery, that’s ok, I thought, harmless, till I noticed that they were wearing masks, it wasn’t water it was pesticide.

The taste of that soon hit the throat! So we hurried on past obstacle number 2 and went further into the park, quiet it was not, my last trip here a few months back, it was nice and peaceful to stroll round. Not today, further in there were more road works, they must have been digging up most of the park roads for some reason, so we decided to give in and turn round and go home, past the pesticide which was getting a bit denser now, then the road drills and back to the quite normality of Shenzhen traffic!

The day before this little adventure, we had a slight problem with our air conditioner, it had a slight leak, this wouldn’t have been to much of a problem except it was over the top of the TV. We only noticed the leak when the TV suddenly went off for no reason. We called in the repair man today, as the leak was late last night, and he arrived just as we arrived home from the above mentioned park trip.

Luckily, all it needed was cleaning; at least I now know where the filters are and the TV is still working, if a little cleaner.

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