Fender Bender

Fender Bender

Today, Rose went for a drive on her own, she has been a few times now, with confidence starting to grow slowly. I sat at home on the computer, as usual, and then received a phone call. “I’ve crashed the car” was her little voice on the phone, I checked she was ok and she said she was fine, she then said she was doing a three point turn and backed into a parked 4WD a lorry approaching distracted her slightly, but he only laughed and drove off when she hit the other car.

I met her at the end of the road, and the damage is only slight, just a cracked rear light glass and rear plastic fender spit about 4 inches. She just made the mistake of turning when there were vehicles parked nearby, she now knows better, and she also now knows the difference between the accelerator and the brake pedals!


We went straight to the garage, and its being fixed already, I am kinda impressed with the Chinese insurance industry and car repairs (well, I reserve that till we get the car back), but it’s quick.

At least no one was hurt and it’s just a car.

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