Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese

Now when I was younger, I didn’t find learning a language too difficult, mainly because they were of the European variety or as I was in the RAF, languages like Arabic from Aden were not widely used except for basic communications.

The languages of the European variety however were a little easier due to the fact that the alphabets are just about the same as English so just looking at the words you can just about figure out what the word is and also, there are a lot of common words in the European circle of languages.

I have now come to try to learn Chinese, (as I now live here) and this is not proving to be and easy task, for one thing I can’t bloody read it! And I also find their pronunciation a little hard to get my tongue round.


Rose has now engaged me a lady Chinese teacher, she doesn’t speak a lot of English, about as much as my Chinese, we are currently learning for sort of pre-school books, I have a feeling she may be with me for a while!

Still, she is a patient little lady, and I get her once a week, we shall see how this progresses, I have only had 2 lessons from her, and my age is showing due to the fact that I learn something one day, and she asks me 5 minutes later and I cant remember it!

Still, I slowly learn certain phrases, so they will ‘eventually’ build up, I guess. I’ll let you know how it progresses anyway.

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