Interlaken – China

Interlaken – China!

Yes, I know the address is slightly off, but it happens to be a new theme park here in Shenzhen, China. We had a trip out there for the first time yesterday, we were, going to go to the seaside down the road afterwards but.

DSCF8487 DSCF8492

Anyway, our first obstacle of the day was finding the entrance, we had been given a couple of free tickets to get in by a friend. As it turned out, we missed the main entrance and found ourselves at the back (sort of) of the park, it had a proper entrance and the reason I say sort of back is because the part we went in had not been finished being built, hardly any of it was in operation, there was a giant man made waterfall area and that was about it, we walked round to see what was ‘going to be’, so that we could judge if it was worth coming again. It seems like it may well be.

DSCF8476 DSCF8485

We made our way via a minibus to the ‘other’ half of the park which turned out to be a completed park, this was ‘Interlaken’ and yes it’s a small Swiss town, built in china, a little ‘Disneyfied’, unfortunately the first thing I heard was rap music, coming from the stage by the entrance, complete with US rappers!, I thought I had escaped that inane music, still never mind.

DSCF8522 DSCF8535

After our walk round ‘Interlaken’ we made our way to a funicular railway car that literally shot us to the top of the mountain, here were other parts of the park and spectacular views of the seaside town of Da Mesha and the surrounding areas.


Also at the top was an old Chinese tea town complete with tea shops and cafes etc.

As I Got off the railway I realised I had dropped my sunglasses and we asked the staff to let us know if they found them, I wasn’t expecting a result from this, but on the way back down, low and behold, I was handed back my specs.

It was dark by the time we finished our tour of what is a mammoth park, although being built still, I understand it is due to open all of it in around a years time, its still worth a visit. Its not so much rides and scary stuff as a good day out, as with most Chinese attractions its not wheelchair friendly at all, there are stone steps everywhere, and the only place I saw an escalator was one that was going up! You do need to be a bit fit to visit these places, well just about everywhere I’ve been here, you need to be able to walk well.

We had our ride back down on the local Disney type railway train along tracks down the mountain and viaducts across the valleys, and later we rode back down to the bottom again in the funicular railway in the dark at breakneck speed down the side of the mountain!; and survived.


This is the reason we didn’t make it to the seaside, we were both knackered by this time, so we came home. A good day out nonetheless and it was also Rose’s birthday so she was quite happy.

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