Dancing in the Street.

Dancing in the Street

I had a thought while we were out walking this evening, we all remember, not so long ago, that when you saw anyone walking down the street talking to themselves, you knew that they were on their way to the local funny farm. Now it seems we were totally wrong, these people were just premature cellular telephone users! People who were just a little before there time.

Anyway, we had this walk, and outside the local training centre (a sort of night school) they were a group of locals dancing in a small square, this is ballroom dancing by the way, complete with mobile disco type setup on a trolley. We had a quick waltz while we were watching, but stood down for the tango and other fancy stuff. On of the ladies tried to show me how, but she obviously knew more about it than I did, they do take everything they do quite seriously the Chinese. Doing it for a laugh doesn’t seem to come into it.

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