A Beach too far.

A Beach too far.

We just spent and afternoon, night and morning at the seaside resort of Xiao Meisha at a hotel that was supplied free by one of Rose’s pupils parents. Now I had no idea what the hotel would be like or exactly where it was, Rose on the other had thought it was the XiaoMeisha hotel which is a 4 star affair on the seafront. We arrived after midday and went to book in, only to find that it was the wrong hotel! (no great surprise there).

Our hotel was further down the town and back off the main road. Now the brochure picture for the hotel is here.


As you can see it looks a delightful place right on the sea shore. Well. We had a room on the front facing the sea, unfortunately the view above is not quite what you see. This is the view from our room along with the real view of the front of the hotel. The beach is actually around 500 yards away! way beyond the red roofs.

seaside 012 seaside 016

I do believe the Chinese advertiser is telling a slight little porky here don’t you. I don’t know what laws there are in china regarding blatant lies in advertising, but the obviously hadn’t been applied here.

seaside 013 seaside 008

It is now the quiet season at the seaside, and there were very few people in the hotel as you can see from the picture of the dining room! I have to say the food was OK though, the sea was fine except for being a bit cold (25degC) for me, am I getting fussy? The North Sea would probably freeze me to death these days.

seaside 011  seaside 010

The escape plan on the hotel door managed a first, they spelt EVERY word wrong, even exit is spelt EXLT. Xiao Meisha does not have the wildest of night life at this time of year, mostly it’s quite deserted with the shopkeepers nodding off in their chairs or playing cards, they aren’t making much of a fortune at this time of year.

The next morning we had a quick look at the local sea world, but due to Rose’s teaching commitment back home we didn’t have time to go round it, here are some of the pictures of the outside.

seaside 018 seaside 019

seaside 020 seaside 021


We left the next morning and returned home.

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