School Dinner

School Dinner,

Once again we were invited to the school teachers monthly dinner, this time we were on the ‘retired’ table, my friend, the headmistress, stood up and announced why I was the only spouse ever invited, apparently she said I was a ‘special case’! whatever that means.
The dinners are quite funny events, they are a good crowed to eat with, sometimes the food isn’t up to much but was ok on this occasion.

 Dinner 015 Dinner 010 Dinner 011

Even though I have no idea what they are saying most of the time, the jokes are usually quite obvious.
After the dinner, which we had to leave before everyone else, we went to see a Spanish concert at the ‘Shenzhen Grand Theatre’, this turned out to be a dance show of flamenco type dance, the only problem was that it was basically the same dance all the way through, just to slightly different music, I have to say, I found it a little boring after the 3rd tune! They didn’t even wear nice flashy Spanish costumes, just the men in black and women in dull browns and green, and one change to red! I have to admit to nodding off halfway through!

Spain Show 052 Spain Show 010 Spain Show 085

The Chinese (and Rose) seem to love these type of shows, as most of the ones I’ve been to, as you may have already read, seem to be of similar construction.

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