Poison Pie

Poison Pie

Today I had a culinary disaster, making an apple pie of all things. We bought some flour from Walmart, I wasn’t over sure what sort it was but seemed ok, then I did the pastry which went ok, I had a bit much butter in it, (cant get lard here) so was a bit soft but I thought it was ok, set that aside while warming up the oven, Peeled and sliced the apples, greased the dish, inserted the apples followed by some cinnamon and a few almonds, rolled out the pasty and put the lot in the oven.
Great, I thought nice apple pie and custard, pastry fell into the pie, being a little soft, but I could put up with that, custard went ok, then it came time to eat it. It was god awful, felt like we were being poisoned a very bitter salty taste, at first I thought it was the dodgy local flour or the nuts but in the end I realised that it was the butter that had gone off!
Mental reminder to use fresh butter in future!!! I was a little pig sick about not getting my apple pie and custard, but I live to fight another day.

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