Huizhou 2009

We just had a small weekend away, one night, two days, most of it spent driving around. Not the most exciting trip I have ever been on but it was OK. We were taken on the trip by Cherry’s parents, she is one of Rose’s pupils. We had with us Rose’s two nieces again and one of the children (last time they helped us get really lost!) They took us to their home town to which we have been before. First off we made a stop off at their old house in the outskirts of the town which is now occupied by the Grandparents brothers. An old fashioned type of dwelling but well kept as you can see from the photographs. There is still a well in use outside.

Next stop was to see some new property that they had bought. I have to admit to not being very interested in seeing other peoples ‘wealth’ but its something the Chinese like to do for their visitors. This was in a very modern settlement and is full of what we would call ‘town houses’ along with some luxury flats. The gardens in these new complexes are always lavish and well looked after with walkways, lots of greenery and the inevitable water features everywhere. They were still selling property as we arrived with a small promotion show going on along with the musical accompaniment.

The last stop was to the local Hot springs, another place we had been before. We had Happy the dog with us who was very well behaved I am pleased to say. We booked into the hotel but before we did I discovered that dogs were not really allowed in it so Rose wrapped Happy up in a towel and carried him in. I stayed in the room while they did their hot spring bit, I had a touch of stomach trouble anyway, and had a quiet time with the dog and the TV. We stayed the night there and then next morning, well midday nearly, made our way back home to Shenzhen. Toll roads abound all the way to this town as is usual here and we saw about 5  accidents on the way back, including a couple of overturned articulated lorries, a bus colliding with a car and a few other of their normal type accidents, i.e. everyone wanting the same bit of road.

We stopped next to Niece Lynne’s home at the local Sam’s Club, which is part of Wal-Mart and also went to the local Pizza Hut where I had spaghetti Bolognaise before we made our way back home again.

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