Everyone gets older

We had two instances this week to point to age creeping up on us. Mine was going to one of the local Wall-Mart centres and parking the car. Most car parks here you get a ticket of some sort usually a little credit card style thing that’s dispensed from a machine as you drive in. Anyway, we have a meal, do a bit of shopping and return to the car, we had Roses Niece with us, Lynne. I drive to the exit of the car park and there is the machine to accept the outgoing card. I sit there and swear blind no one gave me a ticket, I couldn’t remember ever picking one up or taking one from a machine. We had to move to the side of the road for a while as the traffic coming out of the centre was quite busy and it was also pissing down with rain. The two girls quiz me on the ticket card, I still didn’t remember being given one… then I look up slightly and see… yes… the ticket is stuck in the sun visor! I just smile and say, “Is this it?” which of course gets them all het up as I leave the car to give the man the ticket. I have to say that still now, I don’t remember picking up a ticket. I wonder what I’ll start to forget next!

Rose’s little do was when we went yesterday to the Mixc centre, which is a large shopping mall in the town with ice rink and cinema and stuff. She asked if I would like to go to the cinema and having not a lot else to do I said “Yes, OK.” Off we go to the cinema and get the tickets, we have old age pensioners tickets!. The only film that stood out to watch was the new transformers film, so we settled into our seats in the cinema complex in cinema no5, and just as the lights went  down for the start of the film Rose suddenly says, “I just remembered, I have pupils coming in an hour!” So then we up sticks from the cinema, but not before I nearly forget my hat and had to go back to the row to retrieve it, unfortunately a young lady was sitting where I was and I had to crawl round under the chairs to find the hat, the lady didn’t turn a hair, we then had a quick run round the grocery shop to get some supplies we needed and went home, no refund on the ticket, and no film! I have to say for Rose this gets to be a bit of a regular thing, I don’t think I am quite as regular, but then again if I don’t actually remember it then it wont seem very regular will it….

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1 Response to Everyone gets older

  1. Wang says:

    It’s okay, I think I forget things regularly too. It’s not only old age, it runs in the family.

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