Where was Noah!

I sat quietly watching the Television yesterday evening, Wife and dog were out, so it was very quiet. I was watching a really old film, “The Man who shot Liberty Valance”, see, I said it was old, Cinemax are having a western month apparently. anyway, I sat there engrossed in the film when I started to hear a splashing sound, at first I thought it was the film, but then it got a little louder and I then realised that it was coming from near me somewhere so i get up off the couch and walk across the small carpet we have and into a puddle of water. “Ah Shit” was my first thought and as I looked  into the bathroom/toilet are it was flooded to about 2 or 3 inches or so and I could see water coming from under the nearby sink. I dash off to the stop cock which is outside the Kitchen window and turn that off, at least now the flow had stopped.

I go back to the bathroom to check the leak had stopped and then looked around for something to mop this lot up with, I then noticed that it had gone all the way into the living room covering about a 3rd of the floor and soaking half of the carpet! The first thing I grabbed was the floor carpet for the bath, this worked to some extent but being a little heavy in the first place, once it was wet it was very heavy, so after a few mop ups with that I was getting knackered, next I grabs a bath towel that was on the chair outside and that worked a lot better, at least I could lift it when it was wet (well I am old you know). My little priority now was to stop it spreading further round the flat. after about 15 minutes or so I managed to get most of the water off the floor. At least here it doesn’t seep down to the other 7 floors below us!, if I had still been in my little flat in Southend, I would have flooded the whole building!

By the time Rose came back with Happy, all the water was off the floor and the carpet rolled up ready to dry out. It turned out when I got the chance to look was that one of the flexible pipes to the sink taps had burst open, so we then went out and got the carpet dry cleaned (after they dry it out) and bought a new pipe which I replaced straight away and all was back to normal.  At least the little flood didn’t do any damage to anything except to soak all the little mats and the carpet and cause me to be stirred into action. She of course was unable to work out what the problem was seeing as I had already solved it, but she still had to have a little mop round herself! Still, luckily I didn’t need to get the inflatable rubber ring out that she uses for the beach!

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