Ah! warm again.

We now seem to be over our short sharp cold spell, and back into normal warmer weather, so have now put the jeans back into the wardrobe till the next spell, which probably won’t be too long now as winter (such as it is) is rapidly approaching here. My dear wife now seems to have caught a cold, which being the slight hypochondriac that she is, is convinced its H1N1 and so is in the process of downing what Chinese medicine she can get her hands on. It is still revolting stuff in the main! They do have a lot in pill form, but there is still a lot of the variety that I have mentioned before in that it looks just like someone went into the woods and grabbed a handful of whatever was lying on the ground at the time, this is then boiled and the resultant ‘water/medicine’ is then imbued. I have to say that there does not appear to be any appreciable change in her condition because of it. I keep telling her that it will go of its own accord, which it will. Her worry is that she will pass it on to me for when we hope to make our trip to Australia early next year. I can’t see a little cold preventing that, it’s not going to cause any sort of fever for the new ‘temperature guns’ they use to throw any sort of a wobbly.

My song writing is still going sort of strong, it goes in fits and starts, the last month I penned 4 songs, so I am due for a dry spell for a little while, but then I never know when the words will hit me, I always have the words first, then I sort out the music to go with it (well, I try anyway) Life would probably be a lot easier in this department if I knew someone here who could sing decently in English, which is something that I struggle at as any of my listeners may well testify too. This is the main reason that the music I produce is relatively simple as it has to cope with my limited ‘vocal’ range.

Rose was away last week visiting her sister who had some lumps removed from her throat, everyone of course was in bit of a panic thinking that it may be cancer but they turned out not to be to everyone’s relief and she is now out of hospital and on the mend again. This gave me a few days peace and quiet but also turned out to be a period without my computer as I had a USB drive that caused my system files to corrupt when it decided to die on me. Luckily once I restored the system I didn’t loose anything but its taken a while to get all my apps back up and running properly. Luckily I had everything of any importance on a separate drive partition to the system files which turned out to be a good move. The part that crashed wasn’t actually the USB drive but the drive holder, I’ve now installed the drive inside the PC and after a reformat its ok again.

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  1. 无味糖果/玩出新花样 says:

    hi.I’m ideaboxs,I met you at OCT yesterday 。

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