Summer is a coming

Its been a quiet time of late since Bill and Lil returned to the UK, Summer is still struggling to start here, its been a slightly longer ‘winter’ than is normal here and we are still getting the odd colder days, but at least now they are getting less.

A few weeks ago we got a free night at a local 5 star hotel (I have no idea where that came from) at the local OCT East (Overseas China Town) Interlaken Spa Hotel, yes I know Interlaken is in Europe! but they have kinda built their own version of a replica of the place and turned it into a large theme park along with other odds and ends like the space shuttle etc.

When we got to the hotel we asked where the room was and they said we had to be driven to it as it was awkward to walk to and would take a while, so we hopped on this little electric bus and drove round for around 10 minutes or so, we then arrived at our room, which when we checked was only 2 minutes walk from where we started!!!

The day night and day we went it was thick fog, so on the rides we went on like the train and the funicular railway we couldn’t actually see anything, it was like a ghost ride. At least we were able to see the show (which we had seen most of on a previous trip) which was in the huge theatre that they have.

The food was quite acceptable they had a few restaurants just in the hotel, Western (sort of) Italian, and normal Chinese besides all the snack bars restaurants and cafes that abound inside the theme park itself. I have to say that back here in Shenzhen it was sunny, so I can’t win really. There are a few photos of the park in the photo section.

For anyone who may be remotely interested I have now written 98 songs, a fair selection of which are on:

Even though I say so myself, I think the songs are improving a lot now that I am getting the hang of this home recording lark. At least it keeps me off the streets, which you may be all pleased about!

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