Back in Cyberland

Well, I am now able at least to access the websites that were closed to me before, including my RAF site which I could never understand why they blocked that, anyway, I am now using a VPN service to access the net and so far it is working well, and am slowly getting in touch with the outside world again. I was using Hotspot shield for a while but that soon got attacked and switched off, so that’s been uninstalled now.

Our little dog happy managed to poke himself in the eye the other day while having a scratch, he was unable to see out of it for a couple of days but he did no damage to his eye at all and is now back to normal and we have now also clipped is nails down a little in the hope that he wont repeat the exercise.

We are on a quiet period now, no visitors and no visits, so its nice to settle down for a little while and relax again.

You will probably see more things appear on Facebook now, although this will still be my primary blog site as its not subject to being cut off at anytime that I am aware of.

Our weather here has now picked up again and we are back into summer mode I am pleased to say. It seems to have been a longer ‘cool’ spell here this year, as it seems it has in a lot of places, where is global warming when you need it?

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