Well today something happened that has never happened to me before, or my cars for that matter, I got clamped! We went to the tallest building in the city called Di-Wang, we went there to check on the times for Roses UK visa for our trip in October. Anyway, I pulled into the car park area, and see these dividing lines on the side and think they are parking spaces, because that’s what the look like and there was no, no parking signs to be seen, so I parks. Off we go into the building only to find this bloody great clamp on the front wheel when we get back, Rose shoots off to the office to complain and brings back this fella, apparently its not a parking area, but how was I to know that? we were anyway, blocking the exit for the taxi’s which was not obvious when I parked, and I thought clamping me was a little stupid because all that did was block the area for longer because I couldn’t move the car out of their way now anyway. So Rose and the guy stand there arguing back and forth, and the time ticks by we are still clamped. Eventually everyone calms down and the man summons his ‘minion’ to unclamp us, at least we didn’t have to pay for the removal like in most places, and off we go a little more wiser to the Di-Wang parking restrictions!

When we get home, Rose goes to use the printer and manages to jam paper in it, now it doesn’t print at all, no matter what I clean or replace. looks like a new printer! happy days…

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  1. Robert says:

    Aldi has got good deals at the moment………

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