We just spent the weekend in Ottawa, staying at an apartment building where Jas’s friend lives and we had the guest suite, it was ok, just a short walk from just about all the main attractions that Ottawa has. The best of which was a nightly light show on the Parliament building, it was rather cool, in that the lighting effects at one stage made it look like parts of the building were moving, very clever.

We had a trip on the river the next day, then a look inside the national gallery, first floor not impressed, lines of bricks and piles of rope etc as art! along with out of focus out of exposure photos that I would have thrown away! This was followed by a trip inside the parliament building itself, very nice building, the main part looks old but is only about 40 yrs older than I am! (don’t say a word!) the original wooden structure burnt down and they rebuilt it to look older and it does.

The rest of the time was spent in restaurants and wandering round the town. We then had the 4hr trip back again as we went by car with Jas driving, he was well knackered when we got back here to Toronto, the boy did good. I am now sitting here waiting for everyone to return and finish packing as we leave for home at just after midnight tonight. Next blog will be from China again.

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2 Responses to Ottowa

  1. Ann says:

    Hi Robin, I want to tell you i love your Journal here. Your pictures unbelievable, they all tell a story. I am so happy for you that you get to travel so much and meet so many wonderful people.

  2. Rob says:

    Thank you for reading it. I am glad you enjoy it, it gets added to regularly as things happen to me!

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