Life in a lift

Yesterday we went to visit a new shopping mall nearby, we got to the underground car park but couldn’t see the way in to the store, we asked a cleaning lady who pointed us to a couple of lifts which turned out to be freight lifts. Anyway, we got in and pressed 3 for our floor and up we went, but it went very, very, very slowly, I thought, "Maybe something is a little wrong with this lift", someone had just gotten out of it before we got in and didn’t say anything. The lift slowly ground to a halt and all the floor indicator lights then went out and the lift buttons refused to work.
I pulled the inner door open and found we were stuck between two floors. Rose then got on the intercom and told a girl what had happened. We were there for around half an hour and by this time Rose was just about screaming at the girl on the intercom despite my efforts to calm her down. Eventually the lift slowly started to go down and we ended up back in the car park again but at least we were out of the lift in one piece. I thought it was amusing but Rose seemed to disagree with me!. We found the right lifts which were just round the corner from where we were! All’s well that ends well…. maybe….
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