Saw 4!

Well now been in the UK for 3 days, first day getting over the flight, second day took family to Gatwick for their holiday in Florida, and we now settle down for 2 weeks while we look after the cat and the dog. The cat is easy, Tigger, and the dog Joey is addicted to balls, rubber ones, I am pleased to report, you have to put them in a cupboard before he stops bringing them to you!

Ater we dropped the family at Gatwick we dropped in to look around Lakeside shopping centre, we arrived at just around 7am as we had left early for the flight, so Lakeside doesnt open till 10, so had a bit of a hang around, first in Tesco’s 24hr shop then a little wander round. eventually it opened and we had breakfast and then I saw it…. The teeth whitening kiosk, My teeth are not the greatest of colours and I had seen these booths when we were in Canada, but didn’t really have time to visit one then. so I thought Ok, I’ll give it a go.

It is very painless, although a bit odd and you feel like your in a Saw movie, they first of all clean your teeth and then put this plastic gob opener in your mouth, the top bit of which is ok as it fits round your lips but the bottom bit is just thin and tends to slightly cut into your lower lip, so he put a little cushion on it, then they swab your teeth with something and the wait a few moments then you get the headset put on you, through which you can listen to music if you want and also get a massage from the chair, I opted out of those, anyway, he then attaches this light to the headset that shines into your mouth so you have your gob forced open and a light stuck in it, then they switch it on, mmmmmmmmm constant hum. Its then that you start to feel like your in a horror movie waiting for something to happen, like having the light drill through the back of your head or something. You get this little cycle of treatment 3 times in an hour, then its rince out the mouth and done. My teeth went 4 shades whiter, not  quite bright white, but I didn’t expect that, but at least now I can smile for the cameras! My old gnashers were getting to look a bit weary, but have now been revitalised! All I have to do now is carry on with the old whitening toothpaste and all should be well, Well, I can always go back again on the next visit if I wanted to go up another couple of bright  steps.

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