The first week

We have been at my daughters here in Southend now for a week, the impressions I have of the UK now are that its bloody cold and it seems the people are a little on the depressed side, there appears to be no hustle and bustle like Shenzhen, One thing they both have in common is Road Works! Most of the main routes here seem to have been dug up in one way or another with traffic either at a standstill or at walking pace.

The sun here is extra bright, it doesn’t have the pollution to go through that it does in China. I am here during the period of the severe budget cuts the Government is starting to implement this week, so that is making everyone a little less cheerful than normal!

The dog (Joey) and the cat (Tiger) have now both settled down with us and acting quite normal, well for the dog, I am not sure how acting normal is as he is a bit of a loony, not a bad loony just unable to keep still, a little like my wife really, they make a good pair. The cat is a bit like Garfield and treats the dog with the same contempt.

We apparently have a plumber coming on Saturday to replace Lisa and Gerry’s boiler as it leaks a bit and keeps going off. So I will se the difference between the ‘little men’ in China and the ‘Tradesmen’ in the UK. This afternoon we are off to visit old work friends and a few others so should be a pleasant day today.

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