What time is it?

Today must have been the final Jetlag day, we didn’t get up till 3pm, even the dog didn’t wake us up! So today has been a short day. We  went veggie shopping in the local market to stock up after the holiday as the fridge was just about empty. On the way back from the market we saw this guy standing on his head (and only his head) whilst playing the guitar and singing upside down! Talk about China’s got talent! unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me as we were carrying too much so now I have to wait to see if he performs anywhere else. We do have buskers galore here, mostly its old guys playing what they call the 2 string violin, played like a cello but it only has two strings and small round box sounder at the bottom. and most of them seem to be playing the same thing over and over again, which I suppose with the amount of people that pass by any one spot no one actually notices that they never play a full tune!

Rose is busy tidying up again and ‘sorting things out’ so I don’t expect that I will find anything any time soon. We have to go and get the car and driving documents redone as we still cant find where they are! and we can’t drive until we get them as unlike the UK you have to carry the documents with you at all times when driving. At least it will save some petrol till we get them again. I have no idea what rigmarole we will have to go through to do this but it should prove interesting at least.

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